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Fadal Box Ways

Individual Gibs



Individual Gib

Specs: Bronze
5 In. Length

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Individual Gib

Specs: Bronze
6 In. Length

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Individual Gib

Specs: Steel with Turcite
9 In. Length

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VMC Models:   40, 4020     Y, Z Axes
  3016     X Axis
Length = 5"    



VMC Models:   6030, 8030     Y, Z Axes
  Some 4020     Y Axis
Length = 6"    



VMC Models: 40, 4020, 6030, 8030
Length = 9"



What To Measure:

When ordering, need to know the Gib thickness, it is machined to within the actual Gib adjustment range for each way surface. 
The XXX signifies the thickness in the GIB number; for a Gib #6 with a thickness of .550 would be a GIB-6550.  For multiple gibs simply enter the desired GIB numbers in the comment box.



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