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1030 CPU Interface



Computer Interface

Specs: RS-232

Computer Interface

Specs: RS-232
Video Available

Computer Interface

Specs: RS-232

Computer Interface

Specs: RS-232
Replaces 1030-1C


Fadal 1030 Board

 All Versions with the latest revisions

Three Purchase Options:

- NEW (when available)
- REMANUFACTURED, off the shelf exchange
- REPAIR, best savings with fast turnaround

Part Number
    - PCB-0206 1030-1C (with RS-232)
    - PCB-0238 1030-3F (with RS-232)
    - PCB-1030-0E (with RS-232)
    - PCB-1030-1B (with RS-232, with video)
    - PCB-1030-1B (with RS-232, w/o video)
    - Remanufactured
    - One Year Warranty
    - Tested and Warranty by ITS

About the 1030 Board:
The primary function of the 1030 board is to provide communication between the 1400 CPU board and the 1010 axis controller boards. The RS232 communications is also handled by this board. All CNC functions are controlled by the 1030 8 bit Bus Interface on the 1060 motherboard.  It basically acts as a "traffic signal" between all the computers on the 1060 motherboard (XYZAB and spindle axis cards and the mill interface).
Note: For speed, the 1730 Interface Board connects the 1400, 1470, 1420 and the 1030 on a separate 16 bit buss.

NOTE: We commonly get 1030 boards in for repair with the RS-232 port not working.  This can be prevented by using a Surge Suppressor available from most electronic stores.  Simply purchase a DB 25-pin male/female unit and plug it into the back of the control, between the machine and your cabling.

True Knowledge and Experience you can Trust:

Experience - Always Your Best Choice:
Having been involved in the original design and production of the CNC88 hardware and software, we truly understand these boards; to the component level and the requirements for properly repairing and testing of all the boards we offer. With over 18 years of production testing and repairing the CNC boards, there is none better experienced or equipped than ITS.
Independent Technology Service Inc. (ITS), the original PCB board house for Fadal, has been testing and repairing production boards, since 1991.

 On your board, chances are you'll see the stamp already on it!

Before You Buy - Ask how the board was tested!
One simple question can save you a lot of frustration, wasted time and money when servicing a problematic machine. The common "repair" method today for others selling boards is to put a used board in a machine and see if it fails. It cannot be considered a "good board" just because the control doesn't fault. Most of the time there is no history of the board, no record of past performance (problems).
In fact, without proper testing, chances are you will be getting other unknown board problems when installing used, untested boards; wasting even more of your time and money!

Testing That Is Unsurpassed!
We are the only ones who can properly test and repair CNC88 boards!  It requires component level testing to verify that each and every component is performing to original specifications.

The Best And Only Way - In Circuit and Functional Testing:
The testing of electric circuits to determine and locate any of the following circuit conditions:
  (1) an open circuit.
  (2) a short circuit with another conductor in the same circuit.
  (3) a ground, which is a short circuit between a conductor and ground.
  (4) leakage (a high-resistance path across a portion of the circuit, to another circuit, or to ground).
  (5) a cross (a short circuit or leakage between conductors of different circuits).
  (6) a marginal or failed component(s).

The simple fact is that proper circuit testing for complex systems requires extensive automatic testing equipment to determine the failures defined above as well as many other quantities required to insure the board is working correctly.

CNC Board Replacement Options:
 1- New or Remanufactured exchanges are available for immediate shipping, requires core exchange.  A core refund is issued when we receive the bad pcb board.  The core return board must be in a state that is repairable not damaged.

 2- We will repair your board, for about 1/2 the cost of exchange replacement!  Rush repairs are available on most boards.




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