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1060 Motherboard






Fadal Motherboard - Backplane

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- NEW in stock
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Part Number
    - PCB-0203 1060-0C/0D MOTHERBOARD
    - PCB-0009 1060-1B MOTHERBOARD
    - PCB-0243 1060-1B MOTHERBOARD/ W CAGE
    - Remanufactured
    - One Year Warranty   

About the 1060 Motherboard:
The backplane or motherboard provides power and the interconnecting circuitry between the PCBs. The original backplane (1060-0) had 17 slots for PCBs and the current backplane (1060-1A) has 14 board slots. The reduction in slots was done for cost savings since with the newer PCBs the slots were no longer used. Also the new motherboard does not have TB1 and TB2 so if M-Functions are used a M-Function Interface board (1340-0) and cable (WIR-1679) are required. 

True Knowledge and Experience you can Trust:

Experience - Always Your Best Choice:
Having been involved in the original design and production of the CNC88 hardware and software, we truly understand these boards; to the component level and the requirements for properly repairing and testing of all the boards we offer.



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