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1090 Keyboards



Keyboard Interface

Specs: For the 1400-2

Keyboard Interface

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Keyboard Interface

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Keyboard Interface

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Keyboard Interface

Without Hardware

1090-6C & Hardware
Keyboard Interface

With Hardware
Same as PCB-0012


Fadal Keyboard Interface

All Versions with the latest revisions

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- NEW (when available)
- REMANUFACTURED, off the shelf exchange
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Part Number - Keyboard / Pendant Interface Board
    - PCB-0012 1090-3A/3B
    - PCB-0013 1090-4A/4B
    - PCB-0012 1090-6B
    - Remanufactured
    - One Year Warranty  

About the Keyboard Controller:
The 1090 Keyboard Interface Board is a microprocessor based interface that receives inputs from the Keyboard, Manual Pulse Generator (MPG), Remote MPG (optional), optional stop, block skip, rapid travel, Jog resolution, Jog axis selection, emergency stop button, keylock, slide hold and start switches codes and sends the information to the Mill Interface (1040) board. Also takes the feedrate pot input and sends it to the clock board and the spindle pot input and sends it to the Spindle Controller board.

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Having been involved in the original design and production of the CNC88 hardware and software, we truly understand these boards; to the component level and the requirements for properly repairing and testing of all the boards we offer.



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