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1420 Video Boards



Video Board

Specs: Monochrome

Video Board

Specs: Monochrome

Video Board

Specs: Color

Video Board

Specs: Color


Fadal Video Boards

All Versions with the latest revisions

Three Purchase Options:

- NEW (when available)
- REMANUFACTURED, off the shelf exchange
- REPAIR, best savings with fast turnaround

Part Number - Video Boards
    - PCB-0032 1420-4A VIDEO - MONO
    - PCB-0127 1420-6 VIDEO, COLOR
    - PCB-0304 1420-6 VIDEO, COLOR
    - PCB-1420-1 VIDEO - MONO (no graphics)
    - Remanufactured
    - One Year Warranty

About the Video Board:
The Video / Graphics Board (1420) provides Video display storage, Video monitor control, Graphics Display and Video output (J2). This board is connected to the 1730 16 bit processor bus board for 1400-3 to 1400-5 boards. The 1730 board is not used for the 1400-1 and 1400-2 CPU boards.

True Knowledge and Experience you can Trust:

Experience - Always Your Best Choice:
Having been involved in the original design and production of the Fadal CNC hardware and software, we truly understand these boards; to the component level and the requirements for properly repairing and testing of all the boards we offer.



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