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Axis Amplifier





Specs: DC Brush Amplifier
Wago Connector

Direct Replacement for AMC and Glentek Amplifiers

NEW 2014 AMP-0006 DC Amplifier
Designed For Maximum Performance and Reliability

New and Unique Benefits:
– Motor Short Protection
– 2x Faster Servo Response
– Better Fault Management
– Full Protection Cover

Part Number AMP-0006i
Used with VMC 15 machines, for all axes (XYZAB) using the smaller amplifier footprint with WAGO connector.
Used With Motors:

Replaces Amplifiers:
AMC AMP-0014 (40ACNH2)
GLENTEK AMP-0006 (SMA7377-1)

Fadal AMP-0006i Terminal Fadal VMC Amplifier

About The Development Of The AMP-0006i:
These new amplifiers are not just an aftermarket amplifier, they were developed by the original engineers of the Fadal AMP-0040 brushless series.
Back in 1997, the Fadal brushless amplifier and motor was designed and developed by David de Caussin (Fadal, now VMC Electric) and John Vasak (Glentek, currently Varedan Technologies).
The Brushless project was so successful, after 15 years it remains virtually the same until today.

In a recent collaboration with ITS, John and David developed this new AMP-0006i as a drop-in replacement amplifier for Fadal DC servos. With a goal not to just make another amplifier, but to develop a better product utilizing the latest technologies and combined experience since the brushless project.

With These New Features Like These
You'll Be Getting The Most Reliable Amp On The Market



NEW - Motor Short Protection
Engineered for maximum performance and reliability, features such as Motor Short Protection.
Our special Motor Short Protection provides additional protection when a motor or wiring becomes shorted. With other amplifiers, a motor short typically destroys the output devices or melts circuit board traces, permanently damaging unprotected amplifiers.
Our goal is to provide an amplifier that not only performers better but also lasts longer!

NEW - Faster Servo Response
The servo loop is 2x faster which provides better servo accuracy during motion and 2x the zero speed stiffness for more consistent positioning and backlash adjustments.

NEW - Better FAULT Management
We designed better current output conditions in three stages: continuous, peak, and fold back modes. Rather than just shutting down the amplifier after a 3 second peak current output, this amplifier automatically folds back to continuous motor output.
Other amplifiers never indicate when the amplifier is in the PEAK output; they simply shut down and light the Fault LED. This leaves you to wonder if a heavy cut was causing a fault or the amp/motor was faulty.
Rather than just lighting an LED when the amplifier is in a FAULT mode, we added better functionality to help with diagnostics:

A). The FAULT LED lights up when the amplifier exceeds the continuous duty cycle to indicate starting the 3 sec 200% PEAK current output. After 3 seconds, the amplifier folds back to the 100% continuous output rating.
B). The LED goes OFF while in the continuous rating and the 3 second Peak output capability is restored.
C). The Fault signal goes LOW only when the amplifier is actually Faulted (unable to output power) or the motor/wires are shorted.

NEW - Protective Cover
For added protection we've covered the amplifier to help protect the electronics from handling and also shield it from stray chips that can end up in the electrical cabinet.  After years of repairing amplifiers, we found many problems associated with conductive shorts.

Total Engineering Support!

With us you're not just getting a "Part In A Box!"
Here's four key examples of the Total Support our customers receive:

Direct help in determining if you really do need to replace the amplifier. When working with engineers that design the machine, we can help determine if there's other elements in the servo system that also need to be addressed before replacing an amplifier.

We provide very simple and concise, step by step instructions on how to install and get your replacement amplifier in and running. With our documentation we also include Preventative Maintenance tips to help avoid future failures.

Just like "the old days", we value our relationship with each and every customer. We are driven by fairness and committed to your satisfaction. Click on the About Us page to learn about what guides us today.

With the combination of our engineering background and direct interaction with both Glentek and AMC engineers, you are getting the absolute best product support possible at installation and beyond.
The axis amplifiers are one of the most important aspects of the machine. Why buy something from someone without the engineering experience and the manufacturer's direct support?



True Knowledge and Experience you can Trust!
VMC Electric was started by one of the original family members of Fadal Engineering Inc. and was directly responsible for the CNC88 Control; Software and Hardware - in design, development and production of the machines.
In the years perfecting Fadals DC servo system, we worked with just about every amplifier manufacture at one time or other and there's many good reasons why Glentek, VASAK and AMC were chosen as Fadal OEM suppliers. 
Below is a short list of just some of our servo experience.

Fadal Axis Hardware Development:
1). DC motor/amplifier design, evaluation, testing and production transition: continually evaluated many different DC amps/motors from just about every manufacture.
2). AC motor/amplifier design, evaluation, testing and production transition: worked directly with Glentek engineers to design and develop both the AC motor and brushless amplifier.
3). Glass Scales; integration with servo control of motors, software and hardware.
4). Temperature controlled ballscrews and Thermal Compensation.
5). Feedback/Motor Coupler Redesigns.
6). 1000 IPM Rapid.

Fadal Axis Software Development:
1). High Speed DNC - 1000 blocks per second.
2). Ball Bar Testing - Developed improved surface finish and roundness algorithms..
3). Programmable Servo Gains.
4). Advanced Feed Forward (patented).
5). Manual Pulse Dry-Run.
6). Volumetric Compensation (never released).

Experience You Can Trust!

Questions? Not sure what parts you need?
Call us at 406-600-0624 to speak with an engineer for help identifying the problem.

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