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Glentek GM-6000

Specs: DC Brush Motor
XYZ Axis

Baldor MTR-0010B

Specs: DC Brush Motor
XYZ Axis

New MTR-0010 And Factory Rebuilds At Discount Prices


Glentek Motors for Fadal Machines Baldor Motors for Fadal Machines

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Part Number MTR-0010
DC Brush Motor for XYZ axes for VMC Models using Box or Linear Ways with a metric pitch Ballscrew (400-700 ipm rapid traverse).  Interchangeable, the Baldor and Glentek were both used as standard motors in production.
   Standard motor for 6030 and 8030
   Standard motor for all machines using Metric Ballscrews
   Also used with .200 pitch screws for higher thrust applications.
   Cooling Fins - Heat Dissipation; extends duty cycle (Baldor Motor)
   Resolver Feedback
   DC Tachometer

For DC Brush Amplifiers:
   AMC AMP-0015 or Glentek AMP-0021

About the DC brush servo motor:

The history of the DC motors goes back to the late 1970s, when Fadal first introduce the DC brush axis drive system with the VMC45.  Later with the VMC40, after working directly with Glentek engineers in the design and development of a low cost/high performance servo package, we looked for a second source supplier.  After trying many different suppliers, Baldor was selected as a second primary supplier for both the large and small versions of the DC and AC axis motors. Ordering a MTR-0002 or MTR-0010 never signified either a Glentek or a Baldor motor; inventory determined which manufactures product was shipped.

We sell more than just a Part In A Box:
Unsurpassed Expert Support  - True Knowledge and Experience
Besides getting the best pricing/product, don't under estimate the value of engineering support!  Our customers buy with confidence in knowing that they're getting support from some of the original engineers.  Engineers who designed these parts and possess complete background knowledge of all the original specifications from design, testing to production

Here's just a few examples of our knowledge and experiance:
Axis Hardware Development:
 1) DC motor/amplifier design, evaluation, testing and production transition: continually evaluated many different DC motors from just about every manufacture.
 2) AC motor/amplifier design, evaluation, testing and production transition: worked directly with Glentek engineers to develop both the AC motor and amplifier.
 3) Glass Scales; integration with servo control of motors.
 4) Temperature controlled ballscrews

Axis Software Development:  
 1) High Speed DNC - 1000 blocks per second  
 2) Programmable Servo Gains  
 3) Advanced Feed Forward  
 4) Manual Pulse Dry-Run  
 5) Volumetric Compensation (never released)

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