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Glentek GM-5030

Specs: AC Brushless Motor
5000 Line Encoder
Linear Way


New MTR-0142 And Factory Rebuilds At Discount Prices


Glentek Motors for Fadal Machines

Our Motors Are Genuine OEM - Not "Substitutions"

Here's Five Good Reasons Why It's Important To Buy OEM Motors:

  • New or Used? - beware, some motors are being sold as "new" when actually they are just cleaned-up, painted and passed off as new. 
    The manufactures serial number is the only way to tell if the unit is new and has all the latest design revisions. The date code is imbedded in the serial number coding and it's easy to tell if your getting the "Real McCoy".

  • Mechanicals - all motors are not the same!.  They may look the same; "cast the same shadow" but that doesn't mean they are the same. You don't know what you getting until to disassemble the motor and see how it was designed. 
    Experience has taught that lesson. Twice, years ago at Fadal we tried numerous motors and they all failed long term tests.  It wasn't until we disassemble completely did we find out how lousy some "Name Brand" motors were built. 
    Servo Motors aren't your ordinary washing machine motors. They require quality and precision in all aspects.
    We plan on adding more specific information about motors soon for both new and repaired motors.

  • Input Power - The factory amplifier outputs are matched for specific motor windings.  Too little current and the motor doesn't produce enough torque (thrust).  Too much current motors windings will over heat, "melting" the insulation and/or windings.

  • Feedback - Fadal motors have carefully designed velocity feedback. This is a critical design aspect for smooth contouring. Imperfections in the velocity feedback causes a "ripple" effect in the smooth operation, which translates directly in the finish.
    Many other design aspects effect the feedback performance, here's just a few:
      1) DC Tachometer designs without a silver commutator produce inferior reference voltage.
      2) AC motors, the type of encoder will effect ripple; actual line count(quality) or interpolated(cheaper).
      3) Feedback coupling - only a constant velocity coupler can eliminate alignment errors.

  • UL-CE-CSA Electrical Ratings - to commonly, substitute/imitation parts have not gone through the expensive process of having the motor approved by the rigorous testing for safety and RF standards.  Qualified replacements must be used In order to maintain these ratings and not impact the Electrical Code approval of the machine.

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