VMC Electric  –  Founded By An Original Fadal Family Member


Of Replacement Parts For Your Fadal!


Here Are Four Compelling Reasons Why:

1 - Knowledge and Experience you can Trust
Our company was established by one of the original family members of Fadal Engineering. Having been directly involved in the original development of the Fadal VMCs, starting from the very beginning in 1974.

Directly responsible for creating many of the original CNC88 and 32MP software features and hardware designs as
VP of Control Design at Fadal.

That's True Fadal Knowledge and Experience! - As you look throughout our site, you'll see many more specific examples to support all our claims.

2 - FEW Core Charges or Deposits
We are unique in that many of our parts do not have any additional charges such as the "Core Charge." This saves you from paying an additional $250 to $500 "deposit" at purchase time, as with other companies.
We also save you the extra shipping cost and hassle of shipping the old part back plus having to remember to follow-up and collect your deposit.
We'll save you time, money and aggravation!

3 - Genuine OEM Products At Discount Prices
New and True Remanufactured machine parts from the Original Equipment Manufactures; AMC, Glentek and Baldor. All at the best price possible!
Our new parts are genuine, the "Real McCoy," only without the Fadal logo or part number on them. All built with the same quality and performance specifications from the Original Equipment Manufacture. Our products include:
Baldor Spindle Drives, Spindle and Axis Motors
Glentek Amplifiers and Motors
— AMC Amplifiers
& MORE: CNC Boards, Gibs, Wiring Harnesses, NSK Ball Screws,
Rotary Products & Rotary/Machine Rebuilding.
High quality OEM remanufactured and new parts for your machine, backed by our excellent warranty and expert support.

4 - Unsurpassed Expert Support
Besides getting the best pricing/product, don't under estimate the value of engineering support, your time is money!
Our customers buy with confidence in knowing that they're getting support from some of the original engineers. Engineers who not only designed the parts but wrote the original CNC88 control software. It's possessing a complete background knowledge of all the original specifications from hardware/software design, testing to production that truly makes our support unsurpassed.

Buy with confidence knowing that you're getting "Total Engineering Support" from some of the original Fadal engineers.

With us you're not just getting a "Part In A Box!"
Here's four key examples of the Total Support our customers receive:

Direct help in determining if you really do need to replace the amplifier. When working with engineers that design the machine, we can help determine if there's other elements in the servo system that also need to be addressed before replacing an amplifier.

We provide very simple and concise, step by step instructions on how to install and get your replacement amplifier in and running. With our documentation we also include Preventative Maintenance tips to help avoid future failures.

Just like "the old days", we value our relationship with each and every customer. We are driven by fairness and committed to your satisfaction. Click on the About Us page to learn about what guides us today.

With the combination of our engineering background and direct interaction with Baldor, Glentek and AMC engineers, you are getting the absolute best product support possible at installation and beyond. 

Here's an example of True Engineering support:
Why keep replacing Resolvers when they fail? Fix the real problem and your Resolver problems will go away! It's not a matter of using better bearings as some might tell you, call us and we'll explain the real problem and the best solution.

The Simple Facts:
We are the only ones that have in the past and still today are working directly with many of the Original Equipment Manufacture engineers!  We've helped many customers, servicemen and distributors solve difficult problems, all benefiting from our support from the OEM engineers.

Despite what you read on the internet, there is no one selling these parts today that has the engineering experience and direct OEM support in selling these parts as we do
— not one!

Here's The Proof - Read through out our site, you'll see many specific examples of our in-depth engineering knowledge and experience of the parts we sell... Unsurpassed Expert Support

Our Services Include:

  • New Parts - No fake substitute or 'Knock-off' imitation parts sold here. We provide high quality Genuine AMC, Glentek, Baldor and NSK parts. And that's just a partial list of our OEM suppliers.

  • Not Just "Repaired": True Remanufactured Parts Exchange - Quality rebuilds by the Original Manufacture. Remanufactured with the same tooling by those who originally built it!  Our Remans are True Remans and are brought up-to-date; to all the latest revisions possible.
    Beware! There are many selling "pre-owned" or used parts online that claim to have "Reman," when in fact it's just been fixed, painted and advertized as Reman.
    We are working directly with the original manufactures of the parts we sell - AMC, Glentek and Baldor, to provide true OEM Remanufactured parts for your Fadal Machine!

  • Repair Services - Save the most money having your parts "remanufactured" through us by AMC, Baldor or Glentek. We offer many cost effective repair solutions without sacrificing quality, ever.

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Don't waste your time and money by ordering the wrong part! It's our goal to share our engineering expertise and experience in helping you to first determine what is really needed and then find the best option for a replacement part, at the lowest possible price and highest quality.

NEW Support Tools:
Never Published Engineering Service Tips:

Maintenance Manuals
Programming Manuals
Operators Manuals
Electrical Drawings and Schematics
All Part Manuals and Drawings
Over 700 pages now Online!

Standard Products and Services
Axis Amplifiers Axis Motors CNC Boards Gibs & Straps
Rotary Tables Spindle Drives Spindle Motors Spindle Rebuilds
Wiring Harness Manuals Reman Repairs Ballscrews

Contact us if you don't see what you need.
We are constantly updating our inventory!