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Is It Remanufactured, Repaired or just Used?

Today you'll commonly hear the term "REMAN" parts.  This term started at Fadal Engineering* years ago to describe the parts as not just "repaired" but it was intended to convey the process:

"Quality rebuilds by the Original Manufacture. 
Remanufactured with the same process by those who originally built it."

The fact is many selling parts on the internet claim to have "Reman" when it's just been "repaired" by someone without any knowledge of the original specifications.  What's even worse is getting a used part that's been simply cleaned and painted to look better.

Education, good judgment, and a healthy dose of skepticism are the best defenses today.

Our Products and Services...

We offer two types parts repair service:

  - Remanufactured Exchanges
  - OEM Repair Service


Amplifiers: Remanufactured by AMC and Glentek

Remanufactured to original and in some cases "better than your original".  Besides the rigorous factory testing and repair, the amplifiers are brought up to the latest design revision possible. 
Beware of those selling repaired amplifiers, only the original manufactures have the engineering knowledge and design schematics required to fix the amplifier from failing again.  The fact is with critical circuitry, without schematics any technician is just guessing at what to fix!

Control Boards: Tested and Warranty

Click Here to see our section dedicated to discussing our CNC88 board repairs.

Axis Motors:
Remanufactured by Glentek

Because of the mechanical complexities of a motor, they require complete overhaul, not just a simple cleaning and painting.  Below is our process for "Remaning" a DC motor to ensure it is properly repaired.

  1.  Complete disassembly
  2. Commutator diamond cut on a lathe
  3. Hipot test is preformed on armature
  4. Tack resurfaced, cleaned and Hipot tested.
  5. Tach brushes replaced. if required
  6. Resolver tested, bearings tested, replaced if needed
  7. Reassembled -
  8. Brushes replaced, cut to fit commutator. if required
  9. New Front and rear bearings
  10. New Resolver coupler, Constant Velocity.*
  11. Painted
  12. Final testing

Note: we found the biggest reason for resolver failure was the Helicoil type coupler originally used doesn't compensate for axel misalignment which put tremendous forces on the micro bearings and accounted for most failures. Without a CV coupler, chances are the resolver will fail again.  It also improves the motor rotational accuracy within a 360 degree rotation; better finish, less ripple.  Quality is always in the details...

Spindle Drives (Inverters): Buy New or keep repairing?

One of the most common questions we receive:  Should I buy New, Reman or Have mine repaired?
I can tell you first hand since I was there for the commissioning of all of them, from the beginning.  In fact, back in the late 80's, we at Fadal were repairing the spindle drives returned from the service department. 
Historically there have been seven drives, below a list in order of commission:



By far, the majority of units shipped has been the original BALDOR H-Series; none can compare to the sheer volume of Baldor drives in service!

Should you buy New, Reman or Have your's repaired?

Answer - There are many issues/costs to consider with the Rebuilt or Repair solution:

  • Down Time - Repairing your drive has machine downtime issues.  Time and costs for shipping; actual repair and return shipping. If it's not repaired correctly; more down time.
  • Availability of Parts - BALDOR stopped making the older, original BALDOR H Series Drive and replacement parts approximately 6 years ago mostly because of component availability and technology advancements.
    The Fact is repair shops are now left with older, used boards and only a board swapping method to repair a drive. 
  • Obsolesces - Most OEMs have limits on factory repairs based on age, components and design revisions.
  • Warranty - Most drive repairs only warranty the parts they replace.  When the drive fails again, you could be looking at the same repair costs and down time.
  • Age - Some of these drives are just "old and wore", they work by switching 350 VDC to create a PWM AC voltage and after time, the stress of switching 11 KWs at 3k Hz takes it's toll on all components. You can see the date of manufacture by looking at the serial numbers, most drives have it encoded.
  • New Drive - There are those selling the discontinued BALDOR H-series drives as "New replacements" but these are really just remnants of old productions and do not have new service parts available.  The only NEW Baldor drive is the H-2 Vector!
  • Remans - Many call parts "remanufactured" when in actually they are just bench repaired in-house with used parts. Typically they are not returned to the original manufacture for rebuilding and revision updates.
  • Cost - Why keep investing money in an old style drive when we offer a new, 2009 H-2 Digital Spindle Drive with a Two Year Warranty?

Spindles: Reengineered Not Just Repaired

We service all Fadal Spindles - ALL RPMS and ALL lubrication systems:
Our spindles replacements are more than just a "Spindle In A Box"...  We provide much more!
Our Grease Pack replacement spindles are precision balanced, run-in, and ready to go, complete with instructions and procedures that help to extend the life of your replacement spindle. 
We also provide a failure analysis to help determine why the old spindle failed and help avoid another failure.  Contaimination is one of the common causes of failure.

The Air/Oil and Mist Lubricated spindles are completely Reengineered with a process that includes Proprietary Redesigns that ensure they produce a more consistent performance and an extended life well beyond its warranty.

  • Grease Pack - Standard lubrication for 7,500 - 10,000 rpm
  • Air/Oil - Used for both 10,000 and 15,000 rpm spindles. Oil is atomized with pressurized air and injected into the bearings. This provides maximum lubrication efficiency while reducing internal heat.  Although this system is the most effective, conversion from Grease Pack to Air/Oil is complicated and expensive.
  • Mist Lube - Original lubrication on earlier 10,000 and 15,000 spindles.  Same basic lubrication as Air/Oil but lacked monitoring systems.




True Knowledge and Experience you can Trust!

VMC Electric was started by one of the original family members of Fadal Engineering Inc. and was directly responsible for the CNC88 Control; Software and Hardware, also in design, development and production of the machines.

* We have no affilation with Fadal today, please review disclamer.

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