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Spindle Drives

Original Equipment



Baldor V210

Specs: 10 / 18 HP
For 5, 7.5, or 10 HP Motors

Baldor V215

Specs: 15 / 26 HP
High Torque
For 15 HP Motors

Baldor V220

Specs: 20 / 35 HP
Very High Torque
For 20 HP Motors

The Number One Spindle Inverter For FADAL Machines

Unfortunatley The H2 Has Been Discontinued
Contact Us For Aternatitives
Baldor H2 Drive with 2 Year Warranty



All These Features:

– 6,500 / 7,500 / 10,000 / 15,000 RPM
– Close Loop Vector or Inverter
– Rigid Tap or Non RT
– Standard or Wye/Delta
– 230 VAC, Single or Three Phase
– Internal or External brake resistor
SMART Keypad – Advanced Diagnostics
– Custom VMC Firmware and PLC code

– NO Core Charges
  (Save Money/Core Return Hassle)

– Plus a TWO Year, NO Hassle Warranty!


With ALL These Features – You'll Never Worry About Purchasing The Wrong Drive



With well over 25,000 BALDOR units installed since the first Fadal machine.  The BALDOR inverter/vector drive has been by far the top choice of spindle drives used - Proven Technology!



Large Stocking Inventory The Top BALDOR H2 Drive Seller

Fact: According to BALDOR, we have sold by far more H2 Drives than any other company since 2008.

We maintain a large inventory of H2 Drives, each fully tested on our Dyno, ready to go for your machine configuration. Call before 11:00 am (PST) and we can usually ship the same day!

Simple To Order And Error Free
Many times people aren't exactly sure which drive configuration to order for a machine - Not a problem with our drive package; one drive is all you need, simply select the model size (V210, V215 or V220) based on motor horsepower. The custom interface we've developed handles any configuration.  One drive does it ALL - It doesn't matter if you need Inverter or Closed Loop Vector, Rigid Tap or Non-Rigid Tap.

We Have The Technology!
No other company can match our custom BALDOR H2 drive package.

Three more compelling reasons to choose our Drives:

Reason #1 - THE PEOPLE!H2 Drive Setup and Testing
Experience of having been directly responsible for the CNC88 Control; Software and Hardware - in design, development and production of the machines from the very beginning (we have no affiliation with Fadal today).


Below are a few examples of our experience with the original spindle drives.

Spindle Drive System Development:

– Back in 1988, worked with Ed Sweo to develop (pioneer) Vector Control Technology. Eventually this technology was purchased by BALDOR and they sold well over 25,000 units.
– 1989 designed a custom spindle dyno for final performance testing and tuning.
– 1991 designed and developed the Rigid Tap feature
– 1992 designed and developed the Tool Load Compensation feature
– Directly involved in testing, tuning and commission of the following original spindle drives:

  1. Mitsubishi
  2. Sweo
  3. The Original BALDOR
  4. AMC
  5. Yaskawa
– In 2008 designed and developed the New BALDOR H2 Vector drive package, since then our customers have purchased and installed almost one thousand units.
That's what we mean by True Knowledge and Experience...

Reason #2 - THE PRODUCT!

The H2 drive itself is designed to be a universal controller for a AC induction motor.  If you were to purchase one from BALDOR, the drive would do virtually nothing until you wire and program it for your specific motor and application. 
Although there are many following our lead and now selling the H2 drive, not all H2 drives are the same.  Our custom package is based on the original machine development and since we where directly involved, this enables us to use the exact same drive/motor parameters as the original BALDOR drive.  Ensuring the exact same performance both in low end torque and high end horsepower. 
Without that direct knowledge, others are left to just guess at all the possible parameter settings.

Quality From The Inside - Out

 In the images below, you'll see one of the differences in the quality we have developed in the drive package we sell.

On the left is the usual "bird-nest" wiring design to interface the CNC control to the Drive. This design typically leads to loose connection failures, noise related problems and is not very helpful when diagnosing a problem.

Our design shows real attention to the details, with our custom interface board; the less jumpers the better. Also notice the clear access to the control signals on the interface board which are marked for easy identification; another valuable diagnostic feature for monitoring all control wiring inputs.

A Major Feature Of Distinction:

Only our drives contain our Custom Firmware and Proprietary PLC code that we have developed with BALDOR over the years. This allows us to customize the interaction of the H2 drive to the CNC control, maximize the torque/horsepower performance and enhanced diagnostics, better than any drive before.

One SMART Keypad When You Need It!
Never purchase a Spindle Drive without a Keypad.  The Fadal spindle system has 18 failure possibilities and the actual Drive itself is only part of the system. In short, there are many external components that can make the spindle drive look bad when actually it's something else causing the problem.
With one phone call and we can usually pinpoint the actual problem. Without a keypad, a simple phone call easily turns into a service call. Without a SMART keypad, you're just "flying blind".

Our H2 drive package is by far the best for diagnosing a Spindle drive system.  It's not just a "dumb drive" that leaves everyone guessing at the problem!  It has many features that can be used to help trouble shoot, not only the drive itself, but also the spindle motor, the encoder and the CNC control I/O signals. Here's a few examples to show how much better/helpful this drive really is now:

Compete One Step Auto Tuning - our drives ship ready to go, set-up for the standard motor.  But sometimes because of slight differences from motor rewinding or simply the age (electrical/magnetic breakdown) of the motor requires tuning of the drive to the motor.  This new DSP drive provides a comprehensive seven point auto tune that tests the motor and automatically adjust all the motor parameters as needed!  We commonly hear from servicemen that spend hours trying to tune a problem motor with those other drives and in many cases they're required to unnecessarily replace the spindle motor.
Internal Fault Log
- retains the last 10 fault conditions.  What makes it even better is that it stores exactly what the drive was doing at the time of the fault, with information such as Date and Time,  I/O conditions, motor current, actual speed, commanded speed, phase current and Buss voltage.  These are extremely helpful to the service personnel in solving a problem, rather than relying on the operators observations. 
For example, the Fault Log stores many common system failure conditions such as:
   Encoder faults if the encoder was beginning to fail.
   Phase Loss messages if there was a power input problem.
   DC High messages occurs when the braking resistors begins to fail.
   Line Sag messages indicates a low input voltage condition.
Retaining an accurate history of the failures is a tremendous diagnostic tool, not just for the drive itself but for all the issues that can make the drive look bad when it's actually something else.
- allows access to all critical information, even while the spindle motor is running. It is features like these that help determine the real problem and avoid replacing a "good drive".
Parameter Backup
- retain a backup copy of the parameters.  You can easily save and restore parameters from the drive memory to the keypad memory.
Built In HELP Function
- at any fault, simply press the HELP key and the drive will display recommended corrective action(s).  Another feature that servicemen have found extremely helpful.
Advanced Drive Protection
- utilizing the state of the art technologies provides the absolute best possible protection of the drive, regardless of the condition of the motor or feedback device; no more losing a drive because of a "bad motor"
Also, by using all of the latest design technologies, the new H2 drive has 1/10 the amount of internal connections compared to the old drive technology.

Reason #3 - THE SUPPORT!


Badlor H2 Drive TestingWhile there may be others now selling the standard H2 Drive or the older Yaskawa and AMC drives, we are the only company working directly with the engineers that design what we sell.  We work directly with some of the top BALDOR Engineers. The real proof is in the volume of satisfied customers we currently have using our custom H2 drive package; close to a thousand units installed since 2008.  No one today can claim such success. Our success has many other companies trying and follow our lead by offering the standard BALDOR H2 Drive or many other "me too" drives but it will never be the same as our VMC Custom Drive package.

With us you're not just getting a "Part In A Box"!  You get Total Support, starting with simple step by step instructions on how to install and get your new drive up and running. 

It's truly a "Plug'n Play" installation!  It ships ready to go, everything included, simply follow the instructions - mount, connect, tune and go!   And to make it even simpler;  NO CORE RETURN or CHARGES!

Most of the time we never even hear from the customer except to say "Thanks". 
The total time usually takes less than an hour; certainly much easier and less time than any other drive. 
How can we say this?  We are commonly told this by those experienced with installing those other drives!

The fact is, with our unique engineering knowledge and our direct interaction with BALDOR engineers, you're getting the absolute best product support possible at installation and well beyond. 
Considering the spindle drive is the most complicated device in the machine.  Why buy from someone without the original expertise and backed by BALDOR engineering support?

Very Simple To Order: Chose One Of Three Models

BALDOR H2 Vector Digital Drives

Year: 2014

1) Model V210 - Standard Torque:
10 HP Continuous / 17.5 HP Peak
Replaces all original drives using a 5, 7.5 or 10 hp motor.

2) Model V215
- High Torque:
15 HP Continuous / 26.25 HP Peak
Replaces all original drives using a 15 hp motor.

3) Model V220 - Very High Torque:
20 HP Continuous / 35 HP Peak
Replaces all original drives using a 20 hp motor.

Useful Information About Ordering and Diagnosing The Spindle Drive System
Need Ordering Help?

If your not sure about which motor your machine has then simply remove the head cover and locate the motor nameplate. The motor horsepower rating is located on the nameplate, towards the bottom of the motor.

Here's a helpful link to a complete cross reference list of all the known INV numbers to our H2 Drives.

Help With INV Numbers

Need Troubleshooting Help?
Here's helpful information about diagnosing the entire Spindle Drive System, complete with suggestions about all the possible failures. 

Spindle Drive System Diagnostic Help

Call us Toll Free at 406-600-0624 if you need help diagnosing your machine.

Beware of Discontinued BALDOR Inverters Sold as New Drives or Remanufactured:

There are those selling the original, discontinued BALDOR H-series drives as "New" but these are really just remnants of old production runs; old technology and they do not have new service parts available (see below).
In 2004 BALDOR stopped making the old H-series drives after 20 years of production because of the availability of components.

The fact is BALDOR doesn't offer Remanufactured units, there are other companies repairing them and calling them REMANS but they are not true remanufactured drives by BALDOR. 

If it doesn't look like our new H2 Drive, it's not a new BALDOR Inverter/Vector drive customized for your Fadal Machine.

One of the most common questions we receive: 
Should I buy New, Reman or Have Mine Repaired?

Back in the late 80's, Fadal was repairing the spindle drives returned from the service department.  It because obvious that repairing these spindle drives was no simple matter and that effort was abandoned.
Historically there have been seven drives, below a list in order of commission:
   LoveJoy, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Sweo, BALDOR, AMC and Yaskawa
By far, the majority of units shipped has been the original BALDOR H-Series; none can compare to the sheer volume of BALDOR drives in service!

Answer - There are many issues/costs to consider with the Rebuilt or Repair solution:

  • New Drive? - There are those selling the discontinued BALDOR H-series drives as New replacements but these are really just remnants of old productions and do not have new service parts available.
  • Old Design? - Using the latest technology, the new H2 Drive has 1/10 the number of internal connections as do the older designs; each connection is a potential failure point. In the long run, repairing the old design is not a cost effective solution.  When you compare the two designs side by side, the simplicity of the H2 is amazing but that's the benefit of the latest technology.  All other drives currently available for the Fadal machine are actually products that were designed in the 80s and 90s; good then but nothing to compared with today's technology.
  • Remans? - Many call parts "remanufactured" when in actually they are just bench repaired in-house with used parts. Typically they are used "Core Returns" that are not returned to the original manufacture for rebuilding and revision updates.
  • Quality Repairs? - Do the research and you'll find out that no one except the original manufactures have electrical schematics to work from, repair shops are left to just guess at what's wrong with the inverter, swap out old boards and components until it works.
    Manufactures are very protective of their Intellectual Property.
  • Down Time - Repairing your drive has machine downtime issues. Time and costs for shipping; actual repair and return shipping.
  • Availability of Parts - BALDOR stopped making the older, original BALDOR H Series Drive and replacement parts approximately 6 years ago mostly because of component availability and technology advancements. Repair shops are now left with older, used boards and only a board swapping method to repair a drive.
  • Obsolesces - Most OEMs have limits on factory repairs based on age, components and design revisions.
  • Warranty - Drive repairs typically only warranty the parts they replace. When the drive fails again, you could be looking at the same repair costs and down time.
  • Age - Some of these drives are just "old and worn", they work by switching 350 VDC to create a PWM AC voltage and after time, the stress of switching 11 KWs at 3k Hz takes it's toll on all components. You can see the date of manufacture by looking at the serial numbers, most drives have it encoded.
  • Cost - Why keep investing money in an old style drive when we offer a new, 2014 H2 Digital Spindle Drive with a Two Year Warranty?

We are confident our New BALDOR H-2 Digital Spindle Drive package will be your best choice.
– Easiest to install, Best Warranty Support, Best Performance at the Best Price!

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