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Spindle Motors

Original Equipment



Baldor 10 HP Motor

Specs: Standard Machine Motor
Inverter or Rigid Tap

Baldor 15 HP Motor

Specs: High Torque Motor
Inverter or Rigid Tap

Baldor 20 HP Motor

Specs: Very High Torque Motor
Inverter or Rigid Tap

All Spindle Motors: Standard, High and Very High Torque


Baldor Motors for Fadal Machines

New BALDOR Spindle Motors
 – Original Equipment
 – Standard, HT or VHT Spindle Motor
 – Close Loop Vector or Inverter
 – Rigid Tap or Standard
 – Standard or Wye/Delta
 – 3 year warranty
 – Includes Upgraded Encoder
  • Brand new Baldor Spindle Motor: Original Equipment not a "repair" or "replacement" model.
  • Replaces all the motors: 10 HP, 15 HP and 20 VHT, directly interchangeable with all Fadal machines, except models not using the CNC88 Control.
  • Upgraded Encoder: Every motor comes with a new, high quality encoder from Encoder Products Inc.  Instead of using the old, plastic US Digital encoder, our new motors come with this high end $375 encoder.
  • Saves Money: New ENERGY EFFICIENT MOTORS (EEM) save money even after the purchase! (see below for details)
For more questions about these motors, freight costs or warranty policy:
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True Knowledge and Experience you can Trust:
Having worked directly in the development of the CNC88 control to create many features. Features such as the Rigid Tap and Tool Load Compensation in addition to years of extensive Spindle Drive development and Dyno Testing Experience. We are true experts as to the exact spindle drive system requirements for all interrelated components such as Inverters, Vector Drives, Motors and the 1010 Spindle Controller.
* no longer associated with Fadal Machining Centers llc.

Even today, we continue building on the expertise afforded through our close relationship with Baldor, utilizing their tremendous engineering knowledge and experience to provide unprecedented "after sale" product support.
Also, having tested and worked directly with Mitsubishi, Sewo and Yaskawa, we are confident our New Baldor Spindle Motor will be your best choice.


Baldor Motors for Fadal Machines


Baldor motors for Fadal Machines 



Should I buy a new motor or have the old motor repaired?
A common question; it really depends on the reason for failure.

Simply replacing a bearing is only one aspect of the repair process.  Over time the windings also fail due to normal usage (current and heat) caused by insulation break down and coolant (shop air) contamination.  Unfortunately most motor repair shops are not equipped to properly rewind a Vector motor to original specifications.  These aren't just your garden variety AC induction motors.
The motor windings are also very critical to the Spindle Drive.  Changing the flux current characteristics in the motor will affect the Spindle Drive performance and in some cases, damage could result to the drive, if it can run the motor at all.
The Spindle Drive/Motor relationship is specifically tuned for Vector Control, which provides more overall torque/power and enables Rigid Tap. Your drive is carefully tuned for the specific Magnetic Flux characteristics of the original spindle motor.

While it might at first seems cost effective to send out a motor to a local motor repair shop when the actual savings might not be that significant, when it's all "said and done".
Consider these important facts before repairing or buying a "repaired" motor:

  1. Unfortunately many motor repair shops are not setup to properly rewind these motors to exact specifications. Since they are customized by Baldor for Fadal machines, many different winding designs used by repair shops will effect the Vector performance characteristics programmed into your original Spindle Drive.  These motors are not simple AC induction motors that repair shops are accustomed to rebuilding.
  2. Machine down time, one to two weeks(or more) as opposed to our same day shipping.
  3. It's best to replace an open frame motor with our new sealed motors rather than repair the old motor and risk a possible failure again.  We've found most motor failures occur from coolant contamination as the machine shop air is circulated through the motor while cooling (open frame motors). The sealed spindle motors wasa standard for all machines after approximately 2000..
  4. Freight costs can be expensive and slow.
  5. Just replacing bearing doesn't address the issue of winding contamination that occurs over time from exposure to "shop air".
Dollar for Dollar, is there a real savings by repairing your motor?
Not really, even if you ignore the issues of a "repaired" motor, consider that the new BALDOR Vector motors are EEM compliant!

They're designed to use less energy and that saves energy costs, up to $459 per year!
Long term savings is always a better investment. - New ENERGY EFFICIENT MOTORS (EEM) Save Money Even After The Purchase!

Here's The Facts How A High Efficiency Motor Saves You Money:
By far the most energy used by the machine is for running the Spindle Motor.
The standard VMC can use up to 11,000 watts, up to 17,000 watts for a High Torque machine.
Yearly Energy Usage Calculation For Standard and High Torque Motors:
   – 2000 hours per year (8 hrs/day * 5 days * 50 weeks)
   – Average cost of 10¢ for 1000 watts of electricity, per hour
   – Energy Cost Per Year: $1980 - $3060
Yearly Savings potential with a 13.5% more efficient motor:  $297 - $459

Energy Savings - $2,970 - $4,590 (over the 10 year average motor life cycle)
An energy-efficient motor saves money in the user's electricity costs, providing long-term savings that pay back the initial investment many times over.

How Can Some Motors Be More Efficient Than Others?
Energy efficiency is basically a matter of managing the magnetic properties in the design and manufacturing process.

Here's five basic design aspects that affect the magnetic performance:
   Thinner Lamination Steel
- reduces eddy current loses; which misdirect rotational forces.
   Materials That Are More Permeable - magnetism with less current.
   Greater Cross Section Of Copper Winding - reduced resistance, better current flow.
   Increased Cross Section Of Aluminum In Rotary Bars - reduced resistance, better current flow.
   Decrease End Turn Length (Windings) - Reduces stray load loses; more efficient.

Like always, it's the engineering details that really do matter...
And saving energy is always a good thing for everyone!

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